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Explosives Detection Dog Teams

Our dogs are trained to detect all forms of odour associated with the production of an Improvised Explosive Device with great  accuracy, including:

Examples of primary high explosives are:

    • Ammonia- Gel
    • Ammonia-Nitrate
    • Hexogen (RDX)
    • Potassium Chloride
    • Potassium Nitrate
    • Sodium Chlorate
    • Nitro-Glycerine
    • Nitro-Cellulose
    • TNT
    • ALL Dynamites
    • Water Gels
    • Oktogen (HMX)
    • Smokeless Powder
    • Black Powder
    • Gun Powder
    • Chlorates
    • PETN = Nitropenta

Following every search carried out, you our clients are provided with a comprehensive Search Report outlining the brief, execution, and outcomes.

SOKKS Detection Dog Training Aids

SOKKS Explosives K9 Scent Detection Dog Training Aid

SOKKS-MPTS® Explosives will condition the dog to detect even the smallest amount of explosive,

Either military, commercial or home made including SEMTEX, HMTD and TATP. Dogs trained with SOKKS-MPTS™ Explosives can find explosives that elude even the most advanced detection equipment that is currently in use at many airports. SOKKS-MPTS™ Explosives trained dogs have been tested in the workplace

More information on the SOKKS WEBSITE

Drug Detection Dogs

We believe in exceptional, timely service on all levels: nationwide or local, our representatives will guide you to find the option that suits your needs


SOKKS Drug K9 Scent Detection Dog Training Aid

Contains scents for common illegal drugs | Use for narc and drug detections dogs

Popular with narcotics divisions and police units.
SOKKS is the world’s first suite of Pure Odor Scent Kits scientifically developed for the training of K9’s in the detection of Drugs

SOKKS-MPTS Drugs ( with or without Cannabis) will assist you to train your canine to detect even the smallest amount of the most commonly used and abused drugs. Trained with SOKKS-MPTS Drugs your dog will be able to detect all of the following drugs:

  • Cocaine ( Koka, Pflanza, Peru)
  • Morphine
  • Crack (Cocaine + Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate Backpulver)
  • Opium
  • Heroin
  • LSD
  • Amphetamines
  • Ecstasy (Methamphetamine)
  • Liquid Ecstasy GHB
  • Thai-Pillen (Methamphetamine)
  • Hemp Cannabis Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis
SOKKS Drugs all of the above and including:
  • Marijuana
  • Cannabis
  • Hash



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